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Make the switch from plastic wrap by making your very own set of beeswax wraps.

Each kit includes: 3x high quality 100% cotton quilting fabric, 1x beeswax block, instructions on how to make your own wraps. Each kit has enough fabric to make three different sized wraps - Small (27x25cm), Medium (33x25cm), Large (37x25cm).

Think the wraps are just for wrapping your sammie? Think again! Some possible uses include:
- Cover jars and bowls
- Wrap bread, cheese, and more
- Wrap frozen foods for storage in the freezer (not meat)
- Holds a bouquet of flowers
- Form a funnel for filling jars with dry goods or for piping cream
- Use as a grip to open lids
- Wrap soap and shampoo bars while travelling  

Only ONE of each available, and these will be the last kits for a while.

Beeswax Wrap Kit

Beeswax Wrap Kit Option