Learn how to make this Deer Head Cabin Quilt and follow along on YouTube as Dale walks you through step by step. This quilt is a fun project that even a confident beginner can create in a day since it requires very little piecing and teaches you a fun and creative way to make a giant appliqué. This impressive quilt once finished is the perfect gift for your family and friends who love a cabin theme and it also works as a Christmas Quilt if done in holiday prints.


Included in the pattern is a link to his video tutorial for the quilt pattern.


Making quilts is an expression of love. It’s how I bring a little more comfort into the world. - Dale Allen-Rowse


Dale Rowse is a fantastic inspiration with strong creativity and a passion to get more men into quilting. We found out about him in the aftermath of the March 2019 mosque shootings in Christchurch when he designed and made a special Healing Hearts quilt for the first victim. This incredible quilter has a heart of gold and we are very excited to be the first NZ stockist of his work.

Deer Head Cabin Quilt Pattern

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