The Hearts for New Zealand Quilt Pattern was created by designer Dale Allen-Rowse for Quilters Healing Hearts for Christchurch. We all have an obligation to do what we can to bring more love into the world. As quilters, we weave our souls and our hearts into each project. Let's do some good. Let's show we care for ALL families regardless of their faith, love, skin color, ethnic background or Country of Origin.


This quilt is a beautiful applique quilt that was made in green for Healing Hearts for Christchurch but would look just as stunning in bright and bold colours or sweet pastels.


Included in the pattern is a link to his video tutorial for the quilt pattern.


Making quilts is an expression of love. It’s how I bring a little more comfort into the world. - Dale Allen-Rowse


Dale Rowse is a fantastic inspiration with strong creativity and a passion to get more men into quilting. We found out about him in the aftermath of the March 2019 mosque shootings in Christchurch when he designed and made a special Healing Hearts quilt for the first victim. This incredible quilter has a heart of gold and we are very excited to be the first NZ stockist of his work.

Hearts for New Zealand Pattern

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