We have been playing with a new sewing notion for the last couple of weeks. We have always had thread snips as a staple of our sewing kit, but this was the first time we found a pair with a finger grip. And we are converted! 


Handcrafted from 100% industrial grade stainless steel, these classic snips are designed to stay with your hand while you work giving incredible control. Though they are a little heavier than other snip designs, they are also able to cut through thicker materials, such as wool. While they cut thread very well, they are also good for snipping seam allowances, trimming edges, layering seams, and any other sewing task that requires fine, detailed control. Never clip your stitches by mistake again! They feature a lightweight design which makes cutting quick and easy and are also easy to take apart for sharpening.


Who is LDH? The name means Love, Dedication, and Happiness. And they have a beautiful story.

Love: We have been in the business for almost 30 years and the company is based on a foundation of family and love. We are proud to be family-owned and female-led, and are happy to carry on the legacy in very much the same way. 

Dedication: Our team at LDH Scissors have dedicated our time to perfecting what we love and what we are good at: crafting high-quality scissors. Crafting a great pair of scissors takes time and we take the slow approach to make sure all of our customers are completely satisfied with our products and our service. 

Happiness: We understand that scissors aren't just a regular tool. It’s a tool that can bring people happiness; it’s a tool that infuses emotions into every crafted piece; it's a tool that allows one to express themselves without a single word spoken. 

LDH Thread Snips