Sewing machine needles come in an assortment of sizes and different types designed for optimal sewing depending on your fabrics and project


The finer the fabric the finer the needle needed; the heavier the fabric the heavier the needle needed. With the introduction of more synthetic fabrics specialty needles became critical to ensuring sewing-success. 


Universal Needles are used for general sewing of most woven and knit fabrics. This includes chiffon, linen and wool. 

- Universal Mixed Pack: 5 needles mixed size (1x size 9, 1x size 11, 2x size 14, 1x size 16)

- Universal 12: 5 needles size 12

- Universal 14: 5 needles size 14


Ballpoint Needles have a rounded point and can slip between the yarns to prevent damage to knitted or stretch fabrics such as jersey and fleecy fabric. Janome Ballpoint needles also have a special scarf to eliminate skipped stitches on these types of stretchy fabrics. They come in an assortment of sizes as well as a packet of multi-sized needles.

- Ballpoint Mixed Pack: 5 needles mixed size (1x size 9, 1x size 11, 3x size 14)

- Ballpoint 11: 5 needles size 11

- Ballpoint 14: 5 needles size 14


Blue Tip Needles are size 11 and one of our most popular needles for machine embroidery and light to medium weight stretch fabrics. Blue Tip needles have a semi ballpoint tip, so that when stitching with light fabrics like organza, there is less tendency for both the fabric fibres and embroidery stitches to break down.

- Blue Tip 11: 5 needles size 11


Red Tip Needles are size 14 needles with a sharp point, with added strength and durability. It works well in most situations where a universal needle is indicated, or when working with dense embroidery and thicker fabrics. It has a larger eye to allow metallic threads to flow through without catching and breaking. These needles are popular with quilters allowing you to stitch through thicker layers.

- Red Tip 14: 5 needles size 14


Purple Tip Needles are size 14 and have a special shaped cobra head with a ballpoint tip. This head design allows the stitch to be properly formed, when stitching knit and tricot fabric, ordinary sewing and when embroidering. The Purple Tip needle is also designed to help prevent skipped stitches when stitching on these types of fabrics, or when embroidering.