This pattern is part of the Sew @ Home set created during COVID-19 lockdown. This is a PDF download only.


This sewing machine organiser mat is a handy addition to your sewing room. It has handy pockets and a detachable thread/scrap bin. The pockets are easy to make to whatever size you need – we wanted one that could comfortably fit our big sewing scissors, as well as one to fit our snips snugly. The bin is on the large size, but that is how we like it – it fits plenty of scraps and, with a big opening, it is easy to use while sewing. Feel free to make it smaller if that is your preference.


BONUS pattern included: sew your own non-slip foot pedal mat.


The Sew @ Home set includes (bought separately):

- Sewing Machine Organiser Mat with detachable scrap and thread bin

   BONUS pattern: Non-Slip Foot Pedal Mat

- Sewing Machine Cover with instructions on how to upsize or downsize to fit your machine

   BONUS pattern: Mug Rug

- Ironing Board Organiser

   BONUS pattern: Large Pincushion with handy pocket

Sewing Machine Organiser Mat Pattern - Sew @ Home set