Size: 80/12


When using self-adhesive embroidery backing and spray adhesive or when sewing on self-adhesive hook-and-loop, unpleasant adhesive residues on the needle are common. The new Super Universal Needle is now putting an end to this, offering industrial grade for household needles too. The key feature that sets the Super Universal Needle apart from other household needles is its particularly smooth non-stick coating with NIT (= nickel-phosphorus PTFE). It ensures that significantly less adhesive residue remains on the needle (no needle sticking) and thus also helps to prevent thread breakage.


This effect is underlined even further by the extra-large eye, making the needle particularly suitable for embroidery work. Due to the large size of the eye, sizing will be different to that of your regular needle eye. The size 80/12 Non Stick eye for example, would be a 100/16 for a regular Universal eye. The special design of the scarf and eye section also helps to prevent skipped stitches. The slightly rounded point shape means that the needle can be used with most materials without problems. The blade has an extremely strong, conical blade reinforcement, so that even thick fabrics like jeans are no challenge at all.

Super Universal Needle Pack